Perk up your ears and imagine sitting next to me as the curtain is about to rise on the opening night of a concert. The orchestra consists of strings, wind, and percussion sections, each tuning up with dissonant sounds. Initially, there is a kind of chaos as orchestra members practice and refine the parts they play in the performance that’s about to begin. Yet slowly the instruments begin to work together in harmony. They become a cohesive unit as the curtain goes up, and the performance transports you. In many ways, your hormones, which control the functions of organs and tissues in your body, are similar to a philharmonic. Hormones must balance and work in concert with one another to create optimal health. In perimenopause or menopause, too little or too much of one hormone causes an imbalance in others and can set off a chain reaction of dysfunction. This imbalance is common, because our hormones rarely decline at exactly the same rate and pace.
Wow. This book is FULL of information. Takes you probably at least a 1/3 of way before you will get into the intty gritty of their "diet" that is much more a program to follow to get your body back into hormonal balance. Can see using this book in conjunction with a doctor/naturopath's advice more more effectively since the self-diagnosis part of their book is overwhelming and confusing a bit. Really like the fact they show it isn't just about eating that working on sleep, stress, etc is a huge ...more
Fortunately, I had read the original book called the Hormone Reset Diet; otherwise I would not have understood this book at all. It starts out naming some of the things to avoid in order to reset some hormones, then never mentions the other factors at all. I was hoping it would provide more menu ideas but the recipes contained at least one or more of the items to be avoided. I had read the reviews and was completely surprised that someone had actually found this book useful. I threw it out.
While I'm not a big advocate of hormone therapy, Nisha Jackson has a very intrigueing view on this type of therapy and why it would benefit women going through Perimenopause. She gives concise reasons on why our bodies react the way they do during this time in our lives. The book was very interesting and eye-opening. Alot of what she says makes sense. She also gives you tools needed to get through this time.
This book is a wonderful and engaging ride through the history of hormones. Epstein elucidates while she educates us on a subject that is far more fascinating that most of us may realize. We are all a little curious about how hormones work and the role they play – growth hormones, sex hormones etc. The author takes that little bit of curiosity and pulls you into a well-researched and lucid chapter on each topic. You leave each chapter feeling so much more enlightened and educated. For example, the chapter looking at the relationship between gender, sexual orientation and hormones is a real eye-opener. Epstein has done all the work for you in terms of her in-depth research and her lucid and engaging writing style. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride through the history of hormones. I highly recommend this book.
Great info, so needed! Enjoyed Gottfried's writing style, fun and easy to understand. I like her approach with fixing the cause (usually stress related), looking to herbals and nutrients first and then, if and when needed, bio-identical hormones. Good layout so you can bop around to what you need or get more and read the deeper details. On target with hormone health and a great reference for all women!
I had seen a Facebook (FB) post by the Food Babe regarding it as I had been doing some research into estrogen dominance and progesterone cream. I was hesitant to buy the book, based off of some of the reviews here on Amazon (see below for money on negative reviews), so I posted in several FB groups related to hormones and overwhelmingly women recommended the book.