When I first got my pager, I was so excited. Somebody was telling me that a patient was very sick, and there were all those issues to be dealt with. I turned to the nurse and said, “You’d better call a doctor.” She said, “You are the doctor.” At that moment, I realized the responsibility I had stepped into in this long white coat. Throughout my residency, I never got over the stress of being on call.
This is yet another diet that tells people to avoid things that can have serious long-term health effects, such as processed foods and sugars. The hormone diet’s focus on natural, healthy foods as well as both cardiovascular and strength training exercises makes a great addition to any lifestyle. Even without following the hormone diet specifically, eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise will help you lose weight not only in the immediate future, but for the long haul as well. Though phase 1 has many food rules, it doesn’t necessarily classify as an extreme detox program. It can be viewed more as a clean-eating plan since many whole, fresh, nutrient-dense foods are encouraged.
I liked the stories, but I was kinda looking for it to be broken down differently, more linearly, I guess. I woulda preferred a history of the major hormones from the first conception they existed through to more modern times, like I've seen in other histories of science. I felt she jumped into the middle of the history of certain hormones much of the time to get the better story and hook readers when I wanted the boring bits that got us to the middle. It is fun read with a lot of resources for further research. Just not what I was looking for
Because the adrenals are so busy with cortisol, they have less time to manufacture testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones that make your life better and easier. When you’re driving on the freeway and there’s a police car behind you and sirens start blasting and lights flash, your body has a physical response. Your heart beats faster, your breathing becomes shallow, your eyes probably dilate, because you’re thinking, “Oh, no! I’m going to get pulled over for speeding.” This is a physical stress response caused by a cascade of stress-related hormones responding to a thought and a feeling. It is important to note how powerful a thought or feeling can be.
I came across this book after hours of research. I am 32 years old and have endometriosis. After my second child was born I had been having a hard time loosing weight-it was coming off but very slowly. I was also exhausted, cranky, and many other things that endometriosis brings on. Knowing all that I know about having this disease is that it causes various hormone imbalances. I am a firm believer in using diet to regulate and that is how I found this book. I started 3 weeks ago and I noticed immediate changes. I lost 6 lbs and only now have 3 to go to make it to my pre-baby weight, although I have to say that is just the added bonus. I feel so much better, I can get out of bed in the morning without feeling sluggish and I am not nearly as moody. I definitely recommend this book to people with any of the hormone imbalances that Natasha talks about. Endometriosis is something I'll have for the next 20 years and I feel like I've found a way to manage it.
Some of the reviews seem so odd to me. Some people say there’s nothing new here. However, I found a lot of great new info in this book. I didn’t find the language too “doctor” or over my head at all. I didn’t find it long-winded or repetitive at all. I didn’t find the book’s organization confusing and I didn’t have any problems with the friendly tone of the author. I have no problem with her having an email list and other resources. I would be surprised if she didn’t. The info in the book goes far beyond “stress less, eat healthy, get some vitamins, and find exercise routine”. She actually talks about scientific studies that explain different exercises (30 minutes 4 days a week and not over doing it). I didn’t find the author narcissistic at all. I also didn’t feel like she was trying to be a “celebrity”