Now, my passion in life is teaching people how to boost and balance their hormones, but I am also a board-certified aesthetic physician. Blending my knowledge of cosmetic medicine with hormone medicine, I suggested, “Let’s slow things down. I think I can help you get what you want without laser treatment. I’d like to try to boost your testosterone levels instead. If I’m right, you’ll save a lot of time and money.”
"* 'Combining in-depth research with a good eye for a story, Parry does a grand job of steering between didacticism and sensationalism, while keeping the tone bright and breezy.' Daily Telegraph 'Fascinating. To find out more about hormone health, read this book.' She 'From understanding a teenager to discovering which diet adjustments may ease the aging process, this guide makes fascinating reading.' Good Book Guide"
The reason I chose this book here was it was written by a female doctor, who had hopefully experienced what I had in terms of food and hormones. I had hoped she had done as much research as was necessary to not just offhandedly quote people who are not in the medical profession or conducted studies as authorities. Unfortunately, some of the people mentioned are chiropractors, health mentors, and others...not that it is a problem at all, if you have the scientific data to back it up.
As a gynecologist who has worked with female patients for years, (and after decades of my own attempts at weight loss), I wanted to change this crazy pattern for good. I did a deep dive into the latest research and studied the direct link between the foods you eat and the seven key hormones that govern every aspect of fat loss. That led me to create a prescriptive, three-week plan to bring your body and your hormones back into balance.
On the other hand, too much estrogen can be a major problem as well. Studies have shown that there is a link between excess estrogen and cancer. We also know that it is not just excess estrogen but an imbalanced excess estrogen that seems to be the cause. Which age group has the highest levels of estrogen? Teenagers. Yet breast cancer is virtually unheard of until later in life, because teenage girls have all their hormones in balance, including estrogen.

I came across this book after hours of research. I am 32 years old and have endometriosis. After my second child was born I had been having a hard time loosing weight-it was coming off but very slowly. I was also exhausted, cranky, and many other things that endometriosis brings on. Knowing all that I know about having this disease is that it causes various hormone imbalances. I am a firm believer in using diet to regulate and that is how I found this book. I started 3 weeks ago and I noticed immediate changes. I lost 6 lbs and only now have 3 to go to make it to my pre-baby weight, although I have to say that is just the added bonus. I feel so much better, I can get out of bed in the morning without feeling sluggish and I am not nearly as moody. I definitely recommend this book to people with any of the hormone imbalances that Natasha talks about. Endometriosis is something I'll have for the next 20 years and I feel like I've found a way to manage it.
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"Gottfried, a beautiful Harvard Medical School graduate, board-certified gynecologist, and yoga teacher, looks like an advertisement for healthy living and convincingly pushes women to make lifestyle changes rather than immediately asking for conventional prescription drugs to treat problems such as depression. Most of her tips are solid and helpful...A valuable title."

Wow. This book is FULL of information. Takes you probably at least a 1/3 of way before you will get into the intty gritty of their "diet" that is much more a program to follow to get your body back into hormonal balance. Can see using this book in conjunction with a doctor/naturopath's advice more more effectively since the self-diagnosis part of their book is overwhelming and confusing a bit. Really like the fact they show it isn't just about eating that working on sleep, stress, etc is a huge ...more
Men of all ages, if you do nothing else this month - read this book! The chapter on men is a game changer for guys but the entire book is well worth your time. I am a 60-something who was suffering the classic symptoms of men my age, constant tiredness, an inability to build muscle despite five trips a week to the gym, and a lack of sex drive. This book explained the importance of testosterone and crystalized for me the path I needed to take to recapture the life I want. It also explains so clearly the role of hormones in our life that most people do not understand. Check it out - then give it to your wife to read. She'll love you for it! Really!
Perk up your ears and imagine sitting next to me as the curtain is about to rise on the opening night of a concert. The orchestra consists of strings, wind, and percussion sections, each tuning up with dissonant sounds. Initially, there is a kind of chaos as orchestra members practice and refine the parts they play in the performance that’s about to begin. Yet slowly the instruments begin to work together in harmony. They become a cohesive unit as the curtain goes up, and the performance transports you. In many ways, your hormones, which control the functions of organs and tissues in your body, are similar to a philharmonic. Hormones must balance and work in concert with one another to create optimal health. In perimenopause or menopause, too little or too much of one hormone causes an imbalance in others and can set off a chain reaction of dysfunction. This imbalance is common, because our hormones rarely decline at exactly the same rate and pace.
Insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar. It is the ONLY hormone that is always telling your body to store energy as fat. See page 7 for more information on insulin excess. Not too high, not too low. Excess insulin (Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome) usually arising as a result of poor diet, lack of exercise, excess alcohol consumption, stress or sleep deprivation. Great sleep and stress management; detoxification; hormonally balanced nutrition and supplements; exercise (particularly strength training); additional recommendations in Chapter 11, pages 190-93 if you need targeted help for excess insulin.

Vivienne Parry is a writer and broadcaster. Familiar as the presenter of many Radio 4 series on medicine, she writes a medical science column for The Times and is the science editor of Good Housekeeping magazine. She has been a presenter of Tomorrow’s World, a columnist for the News of the World, and a reporter for Panorama. The Truth About Hormones was shortlisted for the Aventis Prize in 2006.
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This book helped make me feel like I was in control of my syptoms. I've been to doctors who just wanted to put me on anti-depressants. But this book helped me sort out my syptoms and decide on natural remedies to control things like night sweats and mood swings. I am 50, and there may come a day when I do have to resort to prescription medications, but for now I can manage it on my own.
I don;t have a great deal of time to read about a personal journey although I definitely relate to this professional. I purchased a couple of her books, which I have been able to share with others. In hindsight, I wish I had not and just sent those same funds into purchasing her 10 day cleanse or something more direct. It is a good book but circuitous and wordy so you need to be patient.