Supercharged Hormone Diet is easy to follow. The diet is convenient for your time and budget. You can eat out, and you can have one "cheat meal" during the week, in which you are allowed to eat the foods you do not regularly eat as part of the diet and also consume more carbohydrates and calories. This makes you happy, and boosts your metabolism, Turner says.

With over 60 recipes and a simple Pick-4 guide that allows you to create hormone-optimizing meals, smoothies and salads, Dr. Turner ND’s program ensures the right balance of carbs, fat and protein at each meal. The Hormone Boost/The Hormone Fix also features: simple steps to prep your home and body for a hormone boost, daily tracking aids, a weekly workout plan emphasizing strength training, supplement advice, and inspiring success stories from people who have experienced the benefits of this unique program.
"Gottfried takes a comprehensive look at the most common physical and emotional ailments affecting women and explains why a hormone imbalance may be at their root. Her premise is simple: when a woman’s hormones are in sync, she’s a powerhouse, but when they’re out of whack, they wreak havoc on her body and mind. The book is both fun and an informative read [and] Gottfried’s take on the female body is eye-opening and empowering."
Turner gives a good basic background on endocrine imbalances and even helps the reader pinpoint what hormones their body is producing in excess or not enough of. I found some of her suggestion very helpful and she shed some new light on inflammation in the body, but over all the book wasn't well put together. It could be better formatted for easier understanding and flow. She doesn't make certain things clear, e.g. She clearly states to avoid caffeine yet a chapter or so later she encourages rea ...more

Update: So, I've had less luck with the recommendations in this book than I would have liked. I've had to give up the yoga, which I enjoyed, because it badly aggravated an old back injury to the point where I've had to get physical therapy on it. The chaste berry extract didn't seem to help my PMS much either - though I haven't been able to find the exact tincture Gottfried recommends, either. Overall, I would say that this book is a good introduction to hormone imbalances, but I think you reall ...more
Home saliva test kits, from a reputable company like ZRT Labs, are an accurate and ideal way to check hormone levels, as blood serum levels are not always dependable. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your concerns. If you are a woman, your gynecologist or obstetrician may be a good person to help. Having your blood hormones checked is often a good idea. Bio-identical hormone supplementation is a natural way to help ease symptoms of menopause-induced imbalanced hormones.

Wow. This book is FULL of information. Takes you probably at least a 1/3 of way before you will get into the intty gritty of their "diet" that is much more a program to follow to get your body back into hormonal balance. Can see using this book in conjunction with a doctor/naturopath's advice more more effectively since the self-diagnosis part of their book is overwhelming and confusing a bit. Really like the fact they show it isn't just about eating that working on sleep, stress, etc is a huge ...more
It’s common for so many of us to start eating less when we recognize our weight is failing to come off. For me personally, I know this all too well. I gained more than 25 pounds even though I was exercising an hour a day and counting every calorie. The more I strived, the harder I failed. And here's why: When we cut calories so drastically, we cause a significant amount of stress on our bodies. This increases our stress hormone cortisol, which only sabotages our effort as it causes our appetite for comfort foods to surge and is also associated with increased belly fat, even for people who are otherwise thin.  When one focuses on losing weight this way, it only inhibits our thyroid hormone’s ability to function properly, slowing down our metabolism.
Sometimes we can’t get all the answers from our doctors. It’s helpful to have other trustworthy and reliable sources. “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause” was first published in 1996 and has been a bestseller since. The book focuses on hormone therapy, offering natural alternatives to help balance hormones. The latest version includes updated information based on today’s knowledge.
Great info, so needed! Enjoyed Gottfried's writing style, fun and easy to understand. I like her approach with fixing the cause (usually stress related), looking to herbals and nutrients first and then, if and when needed, bio-identical hormones. Good layout so you can bop around to what you need or get more and read the deeper details. On target with hormone health and a great reference for all women!
I like to look at the studies, see who paid for them and try to choose a middle ground. And as a side note, Dr. Greger takes proceeds from book sales for his nonprofit organization. His nonprofit employs a team of researchers to constantly stay up on all the food-related studies out there. He also does not speak with a lot of bias about particular diets being what works, as the paleo is stated more than once in Dr. Gottfried's book.

On the other hand, too much estrogen can be a major problem as well. Studies have shown that there is a link between excess estrogen and cancer. We also know that it is not just excess estrogen but an imbalanced excess estrogen that seems to be the cause. Which age group has the highest levels of estrogen? Teenagers. Yet breast cancer is virtually unheard of until later in life, because teenage girls have all their hormones in balance, including estrogen.
"Gottfried, a beautiful Harvard Medical School graduate, board-certified gynecologist, and yoga teacher, looks like an advertisement for healthy living and convincingly pushes women to make lifestyle changes rather than immediately asking for conventional prescription drugs to treat problems such as depression. Most of her tips are solid and helpful...A valuable title." (Booklist)