Oh, I also have (especially lately) stupid bad sugar cravings and have been really fatigued. My memory kind of quit on me back when I was 17.  Every dr I have tried to go to until now, and currently this dr is a holistic ms, has insisted on putting me on a low dose anti depressant. Ok if it is major depressive disorder or bi-polar and I have to, then fine, but no one would do any kind of tests to see if I had an actual reason for the depression symptoms! 
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Dawn, that is very interesting information! For the last 6 months my cycle has only been 21 days (it used to be 28 days), I have no idea if I am ovulating, and I spot for days before my period (brown), and sometimes randomly thru the month. I tried Progessence Plus this month, and my cycle was 29 days this time around, but I spotted more than usual, and got horrible cystic acne on my face (not sure if this is related to the Progessence Plus or not?)….and I still don’t know for sure if I ovulated. I think I will begin taking my temperature next month to see if I am ovulating. I have no idea what is going on with me, but clearly something is wrong. I am also hypothyroid, but I thought it was under control since I’m taking Armor Thyroid. (My doctor reduced my dose of Armor Thyroid this month, so not sure if that could play a roll in my cycle?) I am SO confused!!! I would love to hear any ideas anyone may have.

The more stress we are under the more progesterone is stolen away from the reproductive system, the thyroid and the brain, and shunted to the adrenal glands to keep us in survival state. This creates a vicious cycle; the more stressed we are, the more our nervous system and mood balance is put under strain, which creates more stress. If our progesterone levels drop too low, our cortisol diminishes and we become fatigued. Cortisol also affects our blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Progesterone support and stress management are essential to break this downward spiral.
Stress effects your ability to ovulate or produce an egg each month. If a woman does not ovulate, progesterone is not produced , therefore it is not available to counteract the effects of the estrogen made during the menstrual cycle. Adolescent girls and peri-menopausal women with irregular menses, mood swings and emotional outbursts may benefit greatly from progesterone therapy and are most likely to be estrogen dominant.
Ever since my cycle started again 10 months after having my baby I’ve had 3-5 days of spotting before each period, depression that fluctuates during the month (day 1-2 of cycle I’m happy as a lark, day 3, my dark cloud of depression sets in again…ups and downs from there), hair loss, dry skin, weight gain, headaches,  and I can’t think straight 99% of the time. Oh, and I don’t have to worry about birth control cause I don’t seem to get pregnant easily.
After constantly complaiming of pain in the overy area, the OBG decided to put me on 6 mths of progesterone to desolve the cysts. First, I received a shot the first 3 mths. Then I chose to take pills for the last three mths. After 2 mths of taking them I still felt pain and discontinued the treatment. Two days after being off the progesterone, I realized my lower body pain had come back. I could hardly stand up right after sitting. I didn’t even realize the pain had been gone. I had felt normal for that time. But the progesterone makes me so tired. I sleep 12 hrs easily.  
Hello, ive had pcos for 10+years now. Me and hubby were trying for 5 years to have a baby and after being told we had a very slim chance we no longer tried. I found out last friday i was pregnant so we were really happy. Tuesday i was rushed to hospital and was told thursday its likely i had a miscarriage. I was told today my progesterone level was 10 which is the likely cause of my miscarriage. Should my doctor have picked up on this? 
Hormone replacement does carry some risks, so it’s important to discuss them with your doctor. There are prescription medications that are formulated to look the same to your body as your naturally occurring hormones. These are sometimes called “bioidentical hormones.” While these may sound more favorable, they have the same risks as other prescription formulations.