While natural progesterone most likely does not have negative consequences, you should not use self-treat. Self treating yourself with progesterone could delay your period. If you are trying to conceive, that means it will delay ovulation. Next, progesterone can build up in your tissues so even once you stop taking it, it may takes several months for your body to get rid of the access progesterone. Read below for possible side effects. Read here for one woman’s story on what she experienced with taking too much natural progesterone.
I have all these symptoms but I’ve been to several doctors that have stated all my levels are good. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with my. It feels like I’m pregnant!  I’m still experiencing every symptom! All my hormone levels are normal. I’m not pregnant because tests are negative!  Please explain to me how I can continue to get my progesterone checked. I’ve been to several doctors who all say the say thing. Is there something I’m missing? Thank you
I have a question — I’ve been struggling with what I’ve been told is Hypothalamic Amenorrhea for a few years now. I’ve lost and regained my period several times due to fluctuations in weight, calorie intake, and exercise, but have always managed to get it back by changing my lifestyle. I had my period in January 2012, then didn’t get it again for an entire year. My gyno did bloodwork which was normal, except for low hormone levels (also had an ultrasound to check for cysts on my ovaries, result was negative.) In November of last year I took provera and had a withdrawal bleed, but no period in December. I then got my period this January (same time that I did last year, while I was on winter break from school) after further reducing my exercise, mainly cutting back on running. However, I haven’t gotten another period since.
Thank you for this! I just started using my progesterone cream on week two of the Whole 30 and have noticed that everything has come to a stand still and gotten worse (acne, tighter pant & a desire to nap) since I introduced the cream into my nightly ritual. I am going to shelf the cream, continue with clean eating and exercise and work on lower stress 🙂
We are exposed to more xenoestrogens (chemicals that mimic estrogen) in our environment and in our foods than we have ever have in the past. These xenoestrogens cause your body to perceive higher estrogen levels in our systems and the relative progesterone levels pale in comparison. We are exposed to xenoestrogens in plastics, synthetic hormones, and animal products.
Natural Hormones suggests that synthetic progestins can lower progesterone levels. According to the Project Aware website, synthetic hormones such as progestin and medroxyprogesterone can lower the amount of progesterone circulating in a woman’s blood. The development of birth control pills coincides with the development of synthetic progestins. Most birth control pills contain a synthetic progestin. According to Natural Hormones, synthetic progestins can occupy and block progesterone receptors in a woman’s body, which may cause progesterone deficiency. Progestins have some progesterone-like effects and may be up to 100 times more potent than natural progesterone. The Women Living Naturally website suggests that oral contraceptives and conventional hormone replacement therapy may contain synthetic estrogens and progestins that lower progesterone levels and contribute to estrogen dominance.
Hi !! So glad to read this. I have been irregular in my periods since I was 16. I am now 34 and have two children. My first pregnancy was very tough as I bled often and had low progesterone. My doctor put me on progesterone until I was in the clear at about 13 weeks. Same with my second pregnancy. A few months ago I started getting terrible panic attacks and anxiety. I always have brain fogs and I am extremely forgetful. My doctor referred me to a psychiatrist and therapist and that was that. They put me on Lexapro. I am doing very well on it but I still have little mood swings and still no normal period. I am so frustrated because for many years, my fight to figure out what is wrong, has failed. No doctor has ever looked into why I have never had a normal period. I feel like this article gave me some insight. Thank you !
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Saliva can also be tested for progesterone levels. Although saliva contains much less blood stream progesterone levels, the hormone can still be measured. This test can be performed by a doctor or with a home test kit, but all results should be discussed with a doctor. The validity of this test is still in debate in the medical community, and buyers of home test kits should beware that the success rates of home tests are not always valid.
Hormone testing can be performed by a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor or by an at-home testing service. Testing options range from charting your menstrual cycle to determine the length of your luteal phase, to basal body temperature tracking during your luteal (consistently low BBT may indicate low progesterone production), to taking saliva or blood tests to find out your progesterone levels. The questionnaire above helps to point out signs of progesterone deficiency while these tests help to confirm it.
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Starting with a low level (less than 200mg per day for women, less than 20mg per day for men) may aggravate your symptoms, so try to use a higher dose in the beginning then slowly reduce down to a level that suits you. People who suffer from a high level of estrogen dominance or toxic xenoestrogen build-up in their bodies need to start supplementing with progesterone at a higher dose.
I am six weeks and two days pregnant and a little worried, I have a beautiful seven year old girl but last year I miscarried the times, I found out I was pregnant last week and my Dr instantly started me on progesterone supplements because after losing three we did labs and I was extremely low, I go in today to get results from blood work I did Friday and Sunday and I'm nervous we really want a baby and I want this to work, has anyone had success with this kind of thing?
Stress - is also a major concern.  It drops progesterone levels and raises cortisol levels which are both signs of infertility.  The adrenals produce progesterone before converting it into cortisol.  If the adrenals are exhausted, they will find other sources of progesterone, normally ovarian.  This impacts on the reproductive cycle.  Stress can also cause anovulation and miscarriages.  Progesterone is excellent for stress as it activates the GABA receptor sites.  GABA is one of the most calming neurotransmitters.
I have read that it can take from 3-6 months to clear from your body. There is some conflicting information about the best place to apply the cream. Sometimes it can build up in the fat in your skin. I haven’t tried it yet, still doing research, but putting it on the mucosal tissues outside of your vagina is supposed to be a better place to let it enter your bloodstream in a natural way. Thanks for your comment about the anxiety, this is the kind of stuff I’m reading about to see if it is a good choice for me.